Change your mindset.
Manage your emotions. 
Change habits and beliefs.  
Discover and live your Human Design. 
Founding members get lifetime access to everything inside of 
You've been on the self help journey for years maybe even decades. You get the whole change your mindset thing but are thinking there must be something you're not getting. 

Self Healing Masters is not about doing more, it's about actually becoming the new version by implementing rather than just learning more. 

Knowledge is great but all those years of study did not teach you how to take it to the next level or how to integrate and embody the new version of yourself. That's what we do here. 

Changing your life requires courage and practice. You have to change habits and behaviors AND become the new beliefs. This is what you're missing!

Self Healing Masters is about personal growth and being who you actually are, not who you've been told to be. We challenge AND change outdated belief systems. 

Understand how the human mind works so you stop doing the same old things and finally make the changes. 
Learn how to feel and heal your emotions without letting them sabotage your health, wealth, and relationships
Discover and LOVE your TRUE self beyond what you’ve been taught to believe
Tap into the ability to receive abundance in ease and flow. Make more money without shame and guilt.

Self Healing Masters is for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Lifetime access provides opportunity to make longterm changes and get continued support. 

I’ve removed all the BS so that we get right to the point of how to create massive change. Self Healing Masters is more than just a community

Self Healing Masters is more than just a community. It’s everything you need to heal your life and reinvent yourself. 

This process is the HOW.

I am not your guru but I will show you the way. 

Here's what you get inside Self Healing Masters: 

Video Modules

MODULE 1: Manage Your Mind
  • Change habits and behavior
  • Quit self sabotaging 
  • Create results you want 
MODULE 2: Manage Your Moods
  • Learn about moods and how to manage them 
  • Learn how to process emotions to get unstuck
  • Learn how to improve life through emotional stability
MODULE 3: Manage Your Magic
  • Connect with your soul essence
  • Live your Human Design and Gene Keys
  • Become the truer version of yourself
MODULE 4: Manage Your Money
  • Release limiting beliefs about money
  • Know how to consciously create financial stability
  •  Be free of money shame for good

Weekly group coaching plus pop up Q & A sessions 

Supportive, compassionate, non-judgemental community of other people doing this work with you, so you never feel alone or isolated

Additional courses included as they are created

Why does self healing masters work?
You CAN heal simply and easily, but there’s a lot of noise out there. Quit reading and searching so that you can actually make the changes now!!  

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned after working with multiple physical, emotional, and spiritual healing modalities and distilled it into 5 simple steps to create tangible results
Healing IS available for you! You can choose to create a new belief, one that serves you, your health, and your clients. I’ve included the BELIEF PLAN so you can uproot your limiting beliefs. 
You know you are a unique being. But you’re afraid of letting go of the old to embrace the new. I get it. I waited for YEARS until the pain of staying stuck exceeded the fear of going forward. 

The fact is: anyone can start a new way of being. The key is making it simple, practical and tangible and allowing someone who's done it to guide you. (That’s me.)

Here’s what current members are saying... 
Your Investment
I know you’ve probably invested in dozens of courses, books, coaches, and programs...and you’re STILL not where you want to be. 

The problem is that most of the personal growth courses don't take you through the whole experience. That's what you get here, the integration and embodiment of being you!!

I’ve created Self Healing Masters based on 25 years of experience working with individuals who've had to overcome emotional trauma and hard times. And I know what it takes to get your growth off the ground and stabilized.. all in a way that FEELS right for you. 

My mission is to get this work in as many hands as possible. I want to introduce Human Design and Gene Keys as tools to guide you back to yourself because we signed up to LIVE this lifetime as ourselves, not to settle for what we've been told or taught. 

I’m offering Self Healing Masters for a single payment of $2,000 so that you can stay and continue to grow at your own pace. We are ever evolving. This is where you evolve and thrive in a safe and loving environment. 

Your Bonuses

BONUS 1: Personal Evaluation ($350 value)

Everything that you know, think and do has been influenced by your environment. This bonus will help you uncover and discover your true inner being and who you were created to be. 

BONUS 2: Additional Monthly Discovery Call ($350 value)

 Dive into multiple resources such as the mystery of Human Design and Gene Keys. Includes group discussions and discoveries amongst community members and leaders. 

BONUS 3: Courses In Health, Wealth, And Relationships ($297 value each)

Consider this opportunity to next level growth and personal evolution. We are always expanding and exploring so this caters to the lifelong learners, spiritual seekers and entrepreneurs. 

BONUS 4: Meditation Library ($300 value)

Consider this your next-level secret to success and personal transformation through a simple and unique practice of meditation. You will find a variety of guided meditations on demand. 
You’ve probably wasted your time and money on resources that didn’t get you any closer to where you want to be. Been there. 

I know Self Healing Masters works because it worked for me, and more importantly, it has worked for 100s of my clients. And I’m confident it will work for you too.

But I’ll make you a deal. If you’re not happy with your purchase, email me within 14 days of purchase, and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No run-arounds. No strings attached. 
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